Sarah Louise Palin is the former governor of Alaska. She is also the sister of Nancy Pelosi (somehow).She epically failed when she tried to run for President of the USA. She then became the Vice President-elect running with John McCain as the Presidential nominee. She was
born in Sandpoint, Idaho, which is debatable as she sounds like she comes from Yukon Territories in Canada. So we'll say she was born there. Doubt our fake sources, and we'll doubt yours, so beware.


Palin was born in 1964 in Yukon Territories. She illegally sneaked into Alaska and got really friendly with some important people in the Alaskan government. She did this in order to gain control of the entire state and to have her TV show. Five million people wasted their 30 minutes originally devoted to trying to get their Keurigs to work to watch the first episode. The TV show was so bad, TLC (or The Liberal Channel) had to cancel the show. After noticing an obvious disparity in their "Stupidity Romanticized" bloc, they filled it with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, starring (oddly enough) Sarah Palin's extended redneck family.