Richard Dawkins

Clinton Richard Dawkins is an evoloutionist "scientist" who prides in hedonism (don't look it up, kiddies), anything false and cake (which is a lie). He believes that everything happened through science. His mother probably exposed him to that belief.

She...she...she blinded him...with science.

His childhood

Richard was born in England. His days comprised with declining to play football (soccer for the Americans) and instead decorating his room with posters of monkeys, Charles Darwin, and Lindsey Lohan. He used to go to church, and even was a Catholic, until he ingested his aunt's vile invention...cake. His other aunt, Aunt Jemima (don't ask how that came to be), would also expose him to mankind's other greatest evil, fake maple syrup.

His beliefs

Richard Dawkins believes that there is no God, and that the world formed when a quasar farted, resulting in the Big Bang. He claims that science makes everything work, and that it explains everything. Can science explain PSY? We don't think so, smarty. He has written several books, including, "The God Delusion" (the fiction was comparable to The Hunger Games), "Cake For Medicinal Purposes" (The Mayo Clinic, fervently against anything not having to do with mayonnaise, dissed this one), and "Pie Caused the Dinos to Die Out" (which disses pie, and is, therefore, false).