Memes are the ultimate weapon we at the Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki are using to defeat our enemies (Sarah Palin, Richard Dawkins...etc.). They are no use in fighting Chuck Norris , for he is omnipotent.

Troll FaceEdit

The Ultimate Weapon, it infuriates even the most calm pigeons. And enemies, of course. Invented by the king of trolls, Bugs Bunny , it can kill a person from 30 feet away. This face is the national image of identity to disparaged Trolls everywhere. 

Cereal GuyEdit

A ranged weapon, he maliciously flings oatmeal at unsuspecting enemies. Made by Mr. Quaker, this guy's cereal packs a powerful punch. To doubt his cereal is to doubt Nancy Pelosi's ability to kill...

...bills in Congress.

Forever AloneEdit

The epitome of power, this third wheel was invented by PSY (we think the resemblance is uncanny). Having the awesome power of social nothingness, it still freaks out everyone. 

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