Bias is political prejudice mainly used by news commentators and other seedy media (CNN, Fox News, etc.). It is also used commonly in propaganda and other means of getting people to do what you want. Bias is everywhere, whether it be on cereal boxes or in Christian homeschooling's always causing a ruckus.


Bias was first used by Vladimir Putin when he distributed leaflets throughout poverty-stricken, post-Communism Russia. His rise to power hinged on the pictures within depicting him shirtless and benchpressing Bill Clinton. This bias toward masculinity and Russian grassroots made him into a polarizing figure that was recently voted as TIME's Most Powerful Person in the World. After this mass success, Vlad's chief propagandist, Iggy Azalea, decided to use her marketing powers for herself. The glaring bias of how basically ALL rappers are black is something Iggy knew she could destroy. Now your children are singing her knockoff songs and wearing her knockoff shoes. You have lost to bias, America.